Khartoum! Pop-Up Display Board - Really Cool!

Khartoum! Pop-Up Display Board – Really Cool!


I ordered a pop-up display piece from Vistaprint to use when I run my Khartoum! war game at conventions. I had a copy of the original movie poster, uploaded the image into Vistaprint, and instantly created the pop-up advertising board. The poster retracts into the aluminum base at the bottom and is easy to transport anywhere. The amazing thing is that it only took about three days from the time of the order to make and deliver it to my house.
When I set up my game tables at this year’s Little Wars and Historicon conventions, the pop-up poster will be standing next to the table so that passers by can immediately know what the game is all about.

Khartoum is one of those iconic war movies that are familiar to most people who like historical miniature war gaming. You have probably seen the movie countless times before and it likely stoked your interest in military history, and ultimately in the war game hobby. Here are some other iconic war gamers‘ movies that come to mind. They are listed in no particular order and I am sure that there are others that I have omitted from the list (i.e. forgotten).

1. Zulu

2. Waterloo

3. The Man Who Would Be King

4. Northwest Passage

5. Charge of the Light Brigade

6. Guns of Naverone 

7. The Longest Day

8. Kelley’s Heros

9. Cross of Iron

10. The Duelists

11. Battle of the Bulge

12. The Big Red One

13. The Dirty Dozen

14. Where Eagles Dare

15. A Bridge Too Far

Next Saturday I am running a play test of the full Khartoum game on a friend’s giant set of three 6ft by 32ft game tables. This is the full enchilada. The real thing. It will allow me to see how much table space I will have for the convention games and provide the opportunity to give the rules a good strong play test.

Of course, I will be posting plenty of pictures of the game,

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