Knights of Malta

Knights of Malta

Knights of Malta

 When we returned to Sydney this April I finally managed to catch up with an old friend John Aqulina who asked me to paint some large scale miniatures for his collection two years ago when they last visited us in France just before Covid. Of course I sat on the project until the last week of March before we departed and completed them this week before handing them over. The peacock feathers were interesting and I would like to try another set as I think I could improve on my technique. 

 I am really happy with the results on the large scale resin minatures and they were a nice change from 28mm work and were very crisp sculpts, both miniatures are still available here.

Knight of Rhodes, United Empire Miniatures bust

 The first bust is the Teutonic Grand Master, Konrad von Lichtenstein 1410, repainted as a Knight of Rhodes, (hospitaller)  the bust was from Under Empire Miniatures. 

Knight of Rhodes, United Empire Miniatures bust

The second bust is a 1/9th scale Teutonic Knight also from Under Empire Miniatures, also painted as a knight of Rhodes.

A fellow Knight of Malta, proudly holding his gifts! 

I do hope they travel well back to Chile to sit in John’s display cabinet. The only annoying thing is I failed to take nice photos of them until I handed them over at the lunch catch up! 



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