Large Endor Tree´s Part 1.

Hello again!

As I said in my last post I am going to try to make some nice terrain for the upcoming Star Wars Legion Miniature game!

I was really inspired by the first Youtube video of the Star Wars Legion miniatures game that was shown from the Gencon 50 convent a few weeks back.

In this post I will try to show you how I made my Large Endor tree´s.

I started by first cuting out 5cm x 5cm thick strips of insulation foam.
Then I cut out 9.5cm across round bases from oil hardened board.
Then I drilled holes in them for large flower stick to fit.
Then I cut the foam in 3 pieces and pushed them on to the flower sticks.
I used wood glue to glue the foam.
I cut away as much as I could of the foam, then I used a sander!
The sanded foam ready for hobby paint.
The paint is for the next stepp so the foam does not melt from the super glue I used!
Then I glued nylon rope to the foam.
Darth Vader looks on as I work 🙂
Then I put on some air drying hobby clay onto the nylon rope.
After the clay has dried I apply some toilet paper with a 50:50 mix of wood glue and water.
I first brush the tree with the glue mix and then apply the paper, then I apply more onto the paper to
make the paper wrinkled and stick better to the tree.
The first tree´s after the first wash of woodland scenics: burnt umber 50:50 mix with water.
Hope you all like my lite tutorial so far!
Best Regards
Hobby worker.

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