Lemurian 3rd group of packs released in lionfolk HOF 15mm army

Lemurian 3rd group of packs released in lionfolk HOF 15mm army

The lost continent of Atlantis was no myth. It was no powerless small island no. It was a place of technology and arcane wonder too. Masters of war and of genetics they loosed creatures upon the ancient world of terror and evil. Creatures of legend. As a result of the pinnacle of their science the Atlantians opened a way between worlds and vanished from ours. Burning horror accompanied their translocation and a mere seven Atlantians survived. In the scant time they had left they created two forces of protection. Resonating crystals to store their minds and memories and the Lemurians to safeguard their culture and to wage war against any enemies of Atlantis. Possessed of keen minds and hunting instincts the gene bred lion folk carry crystals and make use of many weapons.

From the mind of wargamer and long time hobby creator Fred Richards comes the third stage of an entire new army within the HOF 15mm Science Fiction range.  A force which is equally at home in a fantasy setting and is far from the typical space opera or near future fare.  Across 2023 the Lemurians will expand. A race of lion folk will have an array of infantry as well as characters, leaders, small vehicles and more.  We follow the nine packs of infantry from last year totaling 28 poses with four more here. As normal you can have a pack or single poses from within it as with the rest the now more than 185 packs in the range.

As the army expands it will all be held in the range on the LEMURIAN tag for easy finding. Lemurians carry a variety of weapons.  They excel in the use of the glaive a war spear and they have ‚firearms‘ which are formed of Atlantian Crystal which is also found in their floating war and guardian crystals.  It is the Guardians, Bikes and Support Weapon we see now.

The Lemurian Crystal Guardians are floating pieces of resonating crystal which contain the memories of a long gone Atlantian master.  Girded by a band of precious metal they are able to float and to send out beams of energy and psychic disturbance.  Each is as tall as a Human and while some are clean and appear new despite their great age others are known as ‚ancients‘ and are covered in vines and plant growth from their outdoor stations. Guardians act alongside infantry or on their own to protect the Lemurians and their masters legacy. Codes are HOF181 Ancient Crystal Guardian and HOF182 Crystal Guardian in packs of three or single from the packs. 

Lemurian Crystal Bikes are used for scouting and recon missions against enemies.  Using a form of anti-gravity propulsion lost to the lionfolk these bikes are impossible to create anymore and as such are greatly valued.  Ridden by female warriors the bikes are capable of projecting an energy beam from their front.  Codes are HOF183 Lemurian Crystal Bikes and HOF183B Crystal Bikes Alone if you wish rider less vehicles.  In packs of two or single from the pack.

HOF184 Lemurian Crystal Cannon and Crew:  The cannon is made from the same resonating crystal that forms the Guardians and contains the memories of a Atlantian Master.  However unlike Guardians the cannon is carnivorous of crystal.  Powerful beams of energy require shards of common crystal to be fed into the cannon.  Two female lion folk act as crew and gunners.  Choose from the pack or the poses within it in any quantity.

All of the models shown in flight are pinned on bases from pack HOF88C Jet Bike Flying Stands.

We hope you enjoy our brand new race and the expansion of their army.   These are our last 15mm sci-fi range releases for the month.

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