Leuthen 260th Anniversary Today

The Battle of Leuthen – December 5, 1757

December 5th marks the 260th anniversary of Frederick the Great’s masterpiece victory over the Austrians at the batle of Leuthen — December 5, 1757.
Aficionados of the era will recall that after an early success at the battle of Prague in May 1757, Prussian fortunes reached a nadir after a string of defeats at Kolin, Moys and Breslau. The Austrians had even captured the Silesian capital of Breslau and victory in the SYW seemed to be within their grasp.
Then in a span of thirty days, Frederick pulled his chestnuts from the fire beginning with a stomping of the French and Reichs Armee at Rossbach on November 5, 1757 followed up by Frederick’s forced march back to Silesia where he defeated the Austrians at Leuthen on December 5, 1757. By the end of the 1757 year, Frederick was once again the master of his realms in Silesia and Saxony and his enemies were in a severe state of disarry.
I try to play a Leuthen game every year, but did not have the time to stage the game on its anniversary date due to many life events and a busy season filling miniatures orders for Fife & Drum and Minden Miniatures. So I will post a few pictures of my Leuthen game from last year for your viewing pleasure.
Zieten leads the advanced guard into battle on the Austrian left.

Opening attack formation on the Austrian left wing.

The Prussian Brummers move forward to the Juden-Berg

The Prussian Guards finish off the Wurttembers holding out in Sagschutz
Austrian infantry redeploys from a south facing to an east facing to meet the Prussian attack.

However, the Austrian battle line begins to bend as the Prussian attack en echelon hits the Austrian right flank with continuous attacks.

Austrian reserves defend the town of Leuthen

The stalwart Rot Wurzburg regiment defends the Leuthen churchyard

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