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Here, on this blog, they are the bods from the Lewis and Clark set  and represent Lewis, Clark, York, Sacajawea, Teton Sioux Indians etc  but in Bodstonia they will have new names and lives. For that purpose, a couple of them have had head/hat swops using Italeri´s American Infantry and have been painted up to fit the Bodstonian „style“
With this set There´s only two Bods I haven´t painted, both repeat poses, a firing Expeditionary bod and one Native American.   Not bad as usually I don´t really like painting repeat poses from the same set.

The Expedition Members
The bods are bigger than a lot of other makes. They fit alongside the Italeri Indian Warriors and American Infantry Bods but Tower over others such as the Strelets American Militia

The mounted section. One´s had a headswop and the two pack mules where based together but they´ve been seperated.

The Native Americans

They account for just over a third of the set, understandable seeing as the set is based on  The Corps of Discovery and the numbers can be bumped up using the Imex Eastern Friendly Indians set.

Messing about on the Water
The canoe. I searched but found that most historical examples seem to have been plain Wood colour or have a tiny bit of colour added, no brightly coloured Hollywood style ones.

Also, the canoe came with  molded  water lapping around the sides but I decided to remove it. I used both the rowing bods from the set, one with a slight Twist of the head to add a slight bit of difference.

The other two are members of the Expedition. The one punting the wooden raft is a giant..even by Imex´s Standards.

The other bits
As with the canoe, the same goes for the Tipi (There´s two Tipis in the set) 
As far as I could discover, Historically, most Tipis in a village would not be painted but left plain so I only added a Basic zig – zag pattern.
The other two bits are a stretched Skin and a campfire.

I´ll just have to come up with some names and  Story lines for them now.

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