Limber Boxes and Coiled Rope added to 28mm Battlefield Bits range

Limber Boxes and Coiled Rope added to 28mm Battlefield Bits range

Our array of bits to add to your miniatures or their bases or to place upon the field of battle expands with three more pieces. Useful for Flintloque as well as Horse and Musket period two different limber boxes and a coil of rope. Go HERE for the range. 
Limber Boxes are used by Horse Artillery and by Foot Artillery to keep tools and other items safe during transit. Often the gun crew will sit upon the box as a kind of seat (having a padded lid makes it more comfortable) and of course you can use the boxes for other supplies. Perhaps a scenario objective. Coils of rope serve artillery and navy as well as being useful for bandits, thieves and lots of other uses. These three codes are metal miniatures 28mm scale and come as singles except for the rope which is a set of four. 
As well as many sprues of bits such as pots, papers, pies, pistols, tankards, feathers, carrots and more the Battlefield Bits range contains Tents and wheels plus limber and riding animals of many species. Such as the Pummilig Riding Pig above there are Horses, Dodo, Camel and others. Well worth a browse HERE
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