Lion Rampant Game Day

Just got back from a nice Lion Rampant game day hosted by Pat L. (aka SocalWarhammer). It was held in a quaint library in Gig Harbor, WA. A nice turn out with about 10 or 12 players. I managed to get my Hundred Years War English retinue killed off in two games. I tried to be slick and have a „heavy-hitting“ retinue of one Mounted MAA and two Foot MAA units and only one missile firing unit of Mounted Yeomen. Well, that was a recipe for disaster against my first opponent’s crossbow and bow heavy Early French retinue. My second game pitted me against bow-armed mounted Mongols. One of my Foot MAA units did kill off a couple of the French in combat – well, if I recall it correctly, I think it was mostly due to one of his units failing his Courage tests repeatedly. Oh, well I’ll take ‚em as I can get ‚em. Here are a few images of the games. Sorry for the lack of clarity using my cell phone.
My Mounted MAA making the second greatest error in warfare – getting too close and Wild Charging enemy in Rough Terrain; the greatest error being starting a land war in Asia, of course.
My retinue intact at the start of the game. It didn’t last long against missile heavy opponents.
My buddy Ron’s crossbow blocks.
A nice Middle Eastern set up.
Dark Age scenario
Another Dark Age – Medieval set up.
A Steppe Russian vs. Mongols game.

My buddy Mikey G’s awesomely painted Mongols – he also painted the Russians.
My second game had me teaming up with my earlier opponent with his potent crossbow French retinue against a combined Mongol-Russian army.
My Foot MAA waiting to come to close combat with the Mounted Mongol archers – it never happened as the enemy wore them down with bow fire
My buddy Mikey G.’s Russians advancing headlong into the French Crossbowmen. They’ll pay a heavy price for their audacity; as did my English!

We’re planning to host a, hopefully, larger Lion Rampant game day next March. If I use my HYW English again, they will drop the mounted troops and be replaced with two units of Expert Archers. Not only making the retinue better performing (I hope), but actually more historically correct in composition. On the painting front, I went ahead and ordered a box of Perry European Mercenaries, and just started on them.

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