Lion Rampant Retinues

I found my notes that I compiled when I was planning a War of the Roses retinue for Lion Rampant a couple of years ago. This has given me lots of options for the holiday project to glue together a load of Perry War of the Roses plastic figures for a small local force engaged in the habitual foraging, raiding and skirmishing that took place through the winter months. If I get a move on, I might even get a couple of 24 point retinues assembled and based, although that’s a bit of a long shot.
I also had a look at an article by Dan Mersey in which he suggested putting together a retinue from the late Hundred Years War c1415-1429, using just one box of Perry English bows, bills and men at arms. I thought this was a great idea but, as I’m in France over the Xmas break it might not go down so well with the mother in law. I ordered a box of figures via eBay anyway, as I can’t let a good idea go to waste!

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