Litter Lout

Litter Lout


Here is a quick Work In Progress shot of the command stand for King Antigonus the One-Eyed, for the big Ipsus 301 BCE game at Salute next week. Antigonus was 81 years old at Ipsus, and had suffered a fall earlier in the campaign, so I’ve depicted him surrounded by his bodyguard, near a litter. The lion banner was suggested by Jeff Jonas, as Antigonus had earlier been Satrap of Lycia, which province was associated with lion symbology. I’ve depicted him „at bay“, just before his dream of reviving Alexander’s Empire was finally ended by an enemy javelin.
I started work on this stand as long as three years ago, so it has been an exceedingly slow burner. Minis were painted by various people including Shaun Watson and Shaun McTague. I still need to paint his litter and finish the base, flock etc. Below are the components yesterday morning, prior to basing.
If you are at Salute next week, please drop by to see Antigonus and his unfeasibly large phalanx! To the Strongest! will be at GG04, near the centre of the hall, between the Warlord merchandising/painting competition area and the N7 exit.

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