Lord of the Rings Easterlings.

Lord of the Rings Easterlings.

Hot on the heels of a rare human victory…. just what the forces of Sauron needed….. Some reinforcements. ūüôĀ

These GW Easterlings were a Christmas gift which finally made their way to the top of the painting queue. Not the best photo’s but coming to a battlefield soon……..

The box set gives me two units for the table top, in a change to my usual style I undercoated in gold to try in speed up the process.

Frustratingly unlike other plastic sets from the likes of Perry and Warlord that come with multiple weapon options these contained a fixed set of 4 pike, 8 sword and 8 bow – An excuse to buy another box just to make a unit of 8 pike — hhhmmmm.

An 8 man archer unit, within our Infamy variant these would better quality than some of their Orc counterparts these are drilled warriors with medium armour. A new challenge for the men of Gondor and Rohan.

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