<div>Lutzow's Freikorps ~ Completed... ?</div>

Lutzow’s Freikorps ~ Completed… ?

It’s taken me some time but I finally finished my version of Lutzow’s Freikorps. I started this project back in March 2018 and it’s taken me all this time to get to the end… Or so I thought until I started taking these photo’s!

The newest, and what I thought were the final pieces, are a battery of horse guns and some bases of jaegers. Both the guns and the jaegers are Perry figures. The jaegers are the only figures from the Perry’s actual Lutzow range that I’ve used. When I first started this project I had to use their Musketeers in Greatcoats for the battalions because there were no Lutzow’s!

These figures are plain old standard Prussian Horse Artillery. They’re wearing the long frock coat so they look right for the part. I use a pair of gun bases for my horse batteries and three bases for foot.

These are nice figures. I think they’re newer additions to the Perry’s Prussian range. One pack of them is enough for a small skirmish screen. I also have three bases of Tyrolean Jaeger to represent the Tyrolean company that was attached to the Freikorps (as well as some volunteer jaeger bases that I can mix in if needed). 

And here are the infantry battalions & the jaegers all together. One base per battalion as per General d’Armee. 

And here is the whole Freikorps. For General d’Armee they make up two brigades where the rules are concerned: one infantry and one cavalry (two small units). And that’s where we come to that little missing part… I need to make a cavalry commander or, alternatively, an infantry commander.

I have my little Lutzow, as you can see and I think he would best be used as the infantry commander. But he did end up commanding the cavalry in 1815 when they were remade as the 6th Uhlans (the infantry becoming the 25th Regiment). However, I have some extra hussar figures & I could easily kit-bash a brigadier so I think that’s what I’ll do.

So there it is. It took 4 years but I finished this little project. The whole freikorps makes up a nice little independent command within the my Prussian force. It has enough presence to stand on it’s own and would work great as a flanking force. Both the foot and horse elements can be used for 1815 as the 6th Uhlans and 25th Regiment and I’m sure the gun battery also became a separate unit in itself at that time.

I’m currently looking to create the 5th Infantry Regiment as well as some heavy dragoon cavalry. But I’ve also been reading about Hellwig’s Raiding Corps which looks like an interesting little project for the future.

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