Mantic Painting Competition – Brush with Death Prizes


Hello, Martin here again. I just had to write a quick blog update about Brush with Death, as the prizes for the winning entries have just arrived. They look AMAZING! Entries are open for Brush with Death until November, so you’ve still got plenty of time to start painting.



Artis Opus have done an incredible job of engraving the Brush with Death logo onto the presentation boxes and each set comes with a set of 1, 0, 00, and 000 size brushes. These are the same brand of brushes Angel Giraldez used for Hellboy: The Board Game, Here’s Negan: The Board Game, the brand new Kings of War Giant and more future releases.

If you fancy winning a set yourself, don’t forget to enter our Brush with Death competition. The categories are as follows and more detail can be found here

  • Single Figure
  • Unit, Squad, Team or Warband
  • Diorama
  • Army

The brand new range of brushes are available to pre-order from Artis Opus here

We have had some very strong entries so far! Everything from Rick on a horse (From The Walking Dead) to a full Ogre army for Kings of War. Don’t forget, we will run two Brush with Death tournaments a year to coincide with our Mantic Open Days.

You can bring your Brush with Death entry to the Mantic Open Day on November 10th, if you prefer to let us look in person. Or you can send us pictures via email, just check the previous blog about how to do this.

Happy painting!

Cheers, Martin

P.S the diorama is not a prize, it just looks pretty ?


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