Manufacturers – how not to sell your figures.

Popped onto Neal’s blog this morning Here , one of his ongoing passions at the moment is Sharp Practice, 1812 America in 15mm. He is building up a nice collection and we have already had some great games, happy days!
Neal, like most of use is always on the lookout for ‚the‘ range of figures which suits his taste and the period and now believes he has found them in Stonewall figures This is them . Now if you click on the link then you will see what seems to be a comprehensive list of figures which, I’m sure will grow and as Neal says when he got a sample be great, no flash, just what he wanted.
But there’s no bloody photographs! For gods sake what does it take to photograph the figures you are trying to sell and put those pictures on the page of your site so that people who are deciding to part with their cash can see what they are getting for their money. Hey it ain’t rocket science, it’s your product, it’s your living. This company (and many others) have invested thought, time and effort to research and produce these things, why not show them to the customers.

That’s the first thing, secondly:
I want a 28mm Napoleonic Prussian gun battery. Easy, loads of manufacturers out there, who does the best figures for this range. For me it’s Calpe, lovely stuff, seen them, never bought from them. You can see where this is going folks. Well not exactly, went on their site, originally looking for landwehr home page, Prussian, infantry – no landwehr, ok. Eventually had to Email a mate and he gave me a link, don’t know yet how to get to them from the home page but you’d think they would either be under Prussian infantry or have a category of their own.
Next the artillery, Each gun is separate, each figure is separate caissons horses et al. No PayPal. Fuck, all my spare war gaming money is in PayPal can’t be arsed to wait to change it over. If I want to order I have to type in the figures I want and Email them to the guy, lots of work. No no no, won’t do it.

Perry’s – you have to paint them. Seems obvious but you really have to paint them. They are very nice figures but there’s no dry brushing these lads the cuts aren’t deep enough so it is more work. That said you go one their site, Napoleonic, Prussian, scroll down to four types of artillery with gun crew as part – click once on each one, go to checkout it gives you the option of PayPal, one click on that job done. Seven clicks of the mouse and for £50 the items are on the way to your house.
Which option do you think I took! Calpe just lost money.

These companies must get with the times or no matter how good their product they will not last. Call me a lazy bugger but I and many like me will go for the easy option every time, and I want to see pretty pictures of what I’m paying for.

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