Maps for Raid on Posen

Map of the area around the Russian supply depot at Posen, in Poland.

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Yesterday’s post about the February 1759 Prussian raid into Poland to destroy Russian supply depots really needed to have a map in order to follow the action. So this post rectifies that by adding an annotated map of the Silesia-Posen area. The annotations circle the towns mentioned in the Lloyd account and I added some dashed lines to indicate the path of the raiders.

Annotated version of the map
Prussian raiding force – General Wobersnow:
6 battalions of infantry
25 squadrons of cavalry = 3 cavalry regiments, each having 5 squadrons
? Artillery pieces
I would speculate that there would have been one or two battalions of grenadiers in Wobersnow’s infantry forces. I could read the number of cannon that were taken on the raid because my facsimile copy-reprint has a big old black ink smudge over the area that provides the number of cannon. I would speculate that two 6-pounder cannon would accompany the task force.
Russian Defending force – General Kramachokow
The Lloyd account merely mentions that Kramachokow had a „considerable corps“ that probably included a large number of Cossacks. However, Kramachokow was headed towards Pommerani and New Stettin, which is well north of Posen. Another detachment of cavalry commanded by Colonel Dalcke is mentioned as travelling on the road to Posen to intercept or scout the raiding force.
I think that a fun little scenario could be devoloped using this information.

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