Martian Close Air Support

Martian Close Air Support

After sitting in a tray, covered in a black undercoat for five (?) years, I decided to break my painting hiatus and give this gunship some red and grey dry brushing in about 30 minutes before bed the other night. Red, grey and black are very much the colours of the MCR Navy in the show The Expanse.

I then added some 2nd Cdn Armd Bgde tac sign decals to finish it off it can join my other model. 

Callsign Five-Two is on station
These are Ground Zero Games 15mm Kra’vak Strike Skimmers. But the hull looks similar to my LAV and it makes me think of an assault pod or maintenance pod with added armour and weapons, kind of like an LVT(A)4, to give close support for my power armour Marines in a drop when their orbiting cruiser has gone over the horizon. 
LVT(A)4 somewhere in the South Pacific 

These will be armoured vehicles with Flyer (or maybe Skimmer?), Artillery (that big rail gun should get 48″ range!) and Area Effect (the rocket pods on the port side) and Light Armour (to shave some points, also an aircraft shouldn’t be as well armoured as a tank). I’m going to shave some other points by dropping some of the statistics that tanks get in Xenos Rampant, like Line Breaker and Close Assault.

LP(S)- Landing Pod (Support)

Or LP(G)? -Landing Pod (Gun)?

Or just call them Gunships?

The background is just some Jupiter wallpaper I found on line and I posed the miniatures in front of my computer screen. I had to use one of my flatter rock pieces on top of my painting water pot to get them high enough so that I could cut the Task Bar out of the bottom.

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