Maximillian pile-on

Maximillian pile-on

This weeks game was more motorised action, stepping back 80 or so years from the era of Gaslands to the 1930’s and into the age of Maximillian 1934. 

Five of us convened at the Rose and Crown for the action and none of us had played for several years, my last game being over three years ago!

Mike had bought his rather splendid Cigar Box gaming mat and many of us had cars, so there was plenty to choose from.
  • Adam ran a Junker based on a BA-3 armoured car
  • Wayne ran a splendid red Fiat Jalopy that I recall had both rocket launchers and flame throwers
  • James ran the grey Jalopy
  • Mike ran the prop-driven buggy
  • I ran Sand Piper my three wheeled buggy
Anybody getting wiped out would be able to re-spawn on a motorcycle at the last marker they passed.

No firing would be allowed until your vehicle passed the first marker point.
The race was on, James Fanged it from the start line and almost immediately broke his engine, Mike and I were soon ahead in our buggies successfully negotiating the first sharp left turn.
Wayne followed around perfectly, but both James and Adam fluffed their first manouver and both times slid into Wayne’s red Fiat piling on the damage.

Poor luck or James but Wayne soon retaliated slamming a rocket into James’s car. 
Mike and I were soon out in front while the Jalopies and Junkers generally battered each other senseless with crashes, rockets, flame throwers and cannon rounds thrown at each other.
Neither Jalopies made it past the second corner!

With the BA-3 lagging far behind Mike and I were far out in front, duelling out for first place, we both spun out on the hairpin bend at the third corner and my trio of front facing guns destroyed Mikes buggy!
Now Mike, James and Wayne were all on motor cycles!

I was comfortably in the lead when I again completely messed up the fourth corner, facing back up the track I could see Mikes motorcycle heading straight for me and gave it a burst of MG fire, reversing up the track so I could keep firing, as he passed me I  J-turned and gave hi more fire but he was now in fifth gear and heading for the fifth and final bend if he wiped out I’d be home free and crossing the line first. 
Mike made it safely around the corner for a win.

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