Medieval Knights (Victrix) review and painting!

Medieval Knights (Victrix) review and painting!


Hello everyone!

Today, thanks to the Victrix team (cheers James!), I have the great pleasure of showing you knights from the new upcoming set.

And I’ve even painted one!

I invite!

  • The mounts are from the official set frames. However, the printable riders (when the models were shipped and delivered to me, the knight frames were still in production – but as Victrix assured me – the plastic riders are even better!)
  • The horses consist of two parts plus a saddle (also two parts). Everything fits together perfectly.
  • I already received the knights in ready-made poses and equipment, and you can assemble them in many ways – weapons, helmets and shields.
If you don’t have the patience, skills or just like decals/stickers, Little Big Men Studio (cheers Steve!) has created a special heraldic set for the cavalry discussed today.

The sharpness of details is superior to models from a similar period from Fireforge Games or Conquest Games (although this cavalry is already a few years old)

I can recommend it wholeheartedly!

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