Mid War Spanish Additions (cont.4) - Regimiento de Leales de Fernando VII

Mid War Spanish Additions (cont.4) – Regimiento de Leales de Fernando VII

A short post on another addition. This is Regimiento de Leales de Fernando VII. It comprises my standard 24 figures plus four skirmishers.

This regiment was raised in 1808 and it fought at Talavera. It features on most wargames tables in the all light blue (red colars, cuffs and shako band) uniform of that time, pictured in the famous print (five fellas on a knoll) after Gomez & Clonard. This uniform is too early for mid war.

In 1810, its 1st Battalion was in Cadiz, where it presumably got the new uniform pictured in a watercolour by Antonio Pareira Pacheco. The other two battalions were campaigning in Extremadura and I don’t have a clue how these were uniformed.

The new uniform was a dark blue coatee with red collar and cuffs, piped white. Trousers were white; buttons, and the officers epaulettes, upper shako band and cords, were silver coloured.

The picture by Pacheco shows an officer (without shako plume) and I’m unsure of the shako worn by the rank and file. For the earlier uniform this had a tufted red pompom and a red top band: It was so distinctive that I decided to keep it for the rank and file for this uniform, and added (kept the cast on plume) for the officer figure – so a bit of an aesthetic fudge here.
The figures are by Front Rank. The flag is the 1808 flag for this unit (it may might have been kept) is by Adolfo Ramos.

Next up, a battalion of marine infantry in round hats.

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