MiG Alley B-29’s Finished

I did a very quick finishing job on the Tumbling Dice B-29’s today using a combination of I-94 and Dom’s Decals to add some basic insignia. The tail code boxes are the wrong colour and should have a capital letter H in the middle but I couldn’t be bothered to faff about with tiny lettering, so they will have to do. I also should have added some black anti glare panels to the leading edges but there you go. I’ve subsequently gloss varnished all eight of them to add a bit of a shine that was lost when I sealed the decals with Army Painter anti-shine varnish (yes, I know). I must be getting old. Anyway I now have enough for the B-29 escort mission scenario in Bag the MiG and for bombing North Korea in MiG Alley.

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