MiG Alley Mountains


All the frosty weather of late has inspired me to dig out my MiG Alley project, which ran out of steam a couple of years ago but is almost ready to go. It’s one of the projects that I want to finish this year, although the naval projects are the priority, so I have done a quick stock check of what I need to get it sorted. 
Along with a dozen or so ground targets, I need to make half a dozen mountain terrain templates that the Korean / Chinese player gets to scatter over the table at the start of the game. These need to be 5-10cm x 10-20cm in size and flat, so that the aircraft flight stands can sit on top when they cross over the templates. 
I was struggling to think of how best to make these but remembered that I had some spare skirmish bases that I could turn upside down, texture and spray paint, which are the right dimensions and a decent thickness to do the job. I’m really pleased with this idea and reckon it will be a quick way to tick another thing off the ‚to do‘ list with minimal effort. 
I also need to texture and paint the scratch built, DIY flight stands that I made in a batch ages ago, so that they match my 6′ x 4′ winter cloth that I’ve decided to use as the theme for the MiG Alley project. When all this will happen is up for grabs, as I have more than enough to do at the moment, but it’s definitely on the cards for a rainy weekend!

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