MiG Alley USAF Fighters Finished

I got stuck into the decals for the 1/600th scale Sabres, Shooting Stars and Thunderjets this afternoon, managing to finish them after a few hiccups. I have only used fuselage stars on the Sabres as I won’t have enough to go round if I applied them across the board, especially as I wasted twelve by using them as wing markings on the F-80’s. I put this right but only after quite a bit of hassle and a few terse words. Arrgh!

I think they look OK without the insignia but I may add some if and when I can get some more from Dom’s Decals. I also discovered two new bits of essential kit for tiddly transfer application, one being a very useful coffee tin lid as a squadron sized hold all, the other being the humble cotton bud as a dabber to soak up the excess water or decal set instead of the usual bit of tissue. Both very basic but also extremely handy!

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