Mitannian Maryannu 2

Mitannian Maryannu 2


Here are some 15mm Mitannian Maryannu that I’ve just finished painting. The figures are by Gladiator Miniatures and Old Glory 15s. The Old Glory 15s two horse chariots don’t come with a yoke for the horses so I had to make some out of wire and glue them on. The Gladiator Miniatures crew are a very tight fit in the chariot and I swapped some of the unarmoured horses, for horses with barding when I made the order. These will be opponents for my 15mm Hittites and New Kingdom Egyptians. 

I painted some 28mm Wargames Foundry Mitanni a few years ago, see this post:

I do prefer the bigger figures with my worsening eyesight but the price of Foundry chariots are 18 to 22 pounds each now! Fortunately I already have quite a few Foundry and Warlord/Cutting Edge chariots and recently bought some of the excellent Magister Militum Mitanni chariots, great value with a pack of five chariots for about 27 pounds! Eventually I’d like to refight the Battle of Megiddo.

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