MOAR Khorne Dawgs

I recently picked up a few more Flesh Hounds from one of the local 40K players and painted them up to join the ones I painted earlier this year from the Wrath & Rapture Set. These are older metal ones, though, and the lot included an older, resin Karanak! Not entirely sure what I’ll be doing with that as it is a unique character… considering it’s about the size of one of the newer Flesh Hounds, perhaps I’ll just throw it in with the pack and call it one of those and use the newer model for my own Karanak. 

All the newly painted/re-painted hounds! 
Since I was rebasing and repainting, I dug out a pair of even OLDER Hounds of Chaos – which, I think, were kind of the predecessor of Flesh Hounds. I got the Hounds of Chaos in with a bunch of chaos/Skaven stuff a friend passed along to me a decade or so ago. I’d painted the pair up and based them for use in Hordes of the Things. As I’m not about to play that any time soon – and have no army for them to be a part of – I thought it might be fun to rebase them to use with the Flesh Hound pack… though, they’re so small, they’re kind of like Flesh Pups! 
Old Karanak with New Karanak
New Flesh Hounds – Old Flesh Hounds – Even OLDER Hounds of Chaos 
All of the Khorne Dawgs.
I could probably just use the older Karanak as a Flesh Hound Pack leader. If so, I’m still two dogs short of a full 20… (they come in groups of five… if one is battle-forging their army using Power Rating).
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I’m feeling a bit adrift these days… not sure what to paint next… I should probably work on some of the Slaanesh Daemons… or the Bloodcrushers… Then I’d have ALL of the Khorne stuff done, at least. Having and entire collection of stuff DONE is always nice – even if it’s only temporarily! 
Oh… and I feel like some Grey Knights might be on the horizon – to protect humanity from all of these DAEMONS! 

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