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For a bit of modern 28mm skirmish gaming I decidet to again build up a Black Watch unit. The miniatures I´m using are Empress Minatures British army soldiers. Other than my Bolt Action WWII project these dudes all wear camouflage uniforms so that was a hard thing to tackle.

To get a bit of diversion into my troops I build 4 of the guys wearing tam o shanters headgear (since they don´t wearing Kilts anymore I wanted at least some scottish element). After converting the headgear I applied some badges on the shoulders an helmets which later will be the guys unit insignias.

Some details of the unit insignias

At first I thought painting the MTP (multy terrain pattern) on the minis would be the hardest part but that went of really quick. I decidet to stick as close as possible to the painting guide on the Spectre Miniatures homepage (link). Since I painted 20mm DEVGRU dudes once but cant remember how, this guide was a really big help. Much more frustrating were all the small details they got and to make them pop since the pattern does what camo is supposed to do. It just eat away all the nice details.   I just made some minor changes within the colour palette. Using the following colours I followed the Spectre guide step by step.

  1. VMC Green Grey
  2. VMC Brown Rose + VMC Iraqui Sand + VMC Dark Flesh
  3. GW Straken Green
  4. GW Waagh Flesh
  5. VGC Earth + Schmincke black + VMC Germ. Dark Green
  6.  VMC USMC Tankkrew Highlight
  7. GW Athonian Camo Shade + glaze medium

While painting the camo I payed close attention to not just paint the pattern over the whole miniature. I used the seams of the uniform, the pockets and the differend parts of the body armour as borders. On real uniforms you can see this too since they are sewed together from different parts.

After 5 hours of work I was done with the camo part of the minis. To break of the camo a bit I decidet to paint these horizontally stripes on the combat body armour (I think they are part of the modular system) with VMC Green Grey followed by a light wash of GW Athonian Camo Shade. The seams, darkest shadows around pouches, rucksacks and other small details all got a carefull blacklining to make them stand apart too. After that was done I painted the rest of the minis followed by small details such as the insignia patches and of course the red hackles. The base got a blue 90° arc on the front for line of side clarification.

Overall I´m pretty happy how the scots turned out . The camo does not look that 100% correct but it give a hint on what it shall be.

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