More 6mm Samurai done… with a cherry blossom tree!

Hi all!

Well, work continues as I am consumed with doing 6mm samurai… here is the latest group, that I painted yesterday and based this morning… a green clan, with a focus on guns.  This clan also has samurai instead of ashigaru on the back left (facing the stand) corner of the tray, although at this scale it is almost not noticeable.

Again I wanted to add a new element to the basing, so I went with a cherry blossom tree.  I think it turned out GREAT… I am anxious any time I add a normally-static piece of scenery to a base, but I think it worked out fine.

Here are the two gun stands… the red and green clans.

I have another group whose undercoat is just drying… an archer group that will be light blue.  I might do a second tree, a dogwood this time.  I am going to do VERY few trees, but as long as I am doing them now…

After that?  The first daimyo!  Good times!

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