More Bag the MiG

A few months ago I had got everything ready for a Bag The MiG game at the club but then had to shelve it due to other family commitments on club nights. Although there is still a clash with rugby training and ballet lessons, I’ve managed to wangle at least one Tuesday evening off duty a month, thereby freeing up some nights for club games. There’s a Cruel Seas bandwagon rolling at the moment, which I’m goimg to get involved with, but I’m also planning to run some games myself including the aforementioned Bag the Hun, a potential MiG Alley game when I’ve finished the bases, targets and terrain, together with a What a Tanker bash at some point too. The initial aim once the current Bag the Hun playtesting is completed, will be to set up an evening of Bag the MiG, probably for the latter part of March or beginning of April. 

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