More Figures for The Silver Bayonet

More Figures for The Silver Bayonet

I Picked up some miniature for TSB at The Vapnartak show in York from Perry Miniatures, A British Light Infantry command pack (officers above), dismounted Dragoons & a Royal Navy command pack,  as well some French. Annoyingly there wasn’t any Spanish Guerrillas on foot available. 

Any way here’s the rest of the painted pictures of the Light troops & all of the unit so far. The (5th Rifles officer isn’t included as to my eye he looks too small (so I wont be using him or any of the other Foundry 95th that I have) 

I also picked up some Nosferatu Vampires & Giant Wolves from West Wind.

Here’s the Wolves with a Bears Head Werewolf & Below a figure that I will use as a Black Dog from Ye Alchemist

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