More gardening and a shopping list (comments welcome)

Although not a lot to show for it, since today’s hobby activity consisted of a couple of coats of paint on the Sarissa shed and a trip to Trains4U for some (small scale) flowers and vegetables from one of the model railway ranges. Godfrey’s cottage will have tomatoes, strawberries, cabbages, some climbing roses and a few pot plants. Also pondering whether to rebuild the graveyard…

Also pondering the next bits of kit to pick up for the workbench. The plan is to move the 3D printer out from the shelf over my head here (I’m in what used to be my office in our music room, as I’ve locked up in the office/studio/workshop for the night) onto the long counter in the workshop, and use the rest of that counter for what could best be described as ‚maker tools‘ for scenery builds, since I’m starting to figure that that’s probably where a lot of my talent lies aside from writing.

Things that would be nice to have on there, if First Direct finally cough up my PPI claim:

  • the 3D printer with a dual reel/head kit so I can print with dissolvable supports or in two colours – mine’s the single reel version, and the upgrade is not cheap
  • a resin 3D printer such as the AnyCubic Photon (for figures etc)
  • a Proxxon hot wire table and the better fence from Shifting Lands (if you want to see the amazing things you can do with this and XPS foam, check out Black Magic Craft on YouTube)
  • a spray booth – this presupposes I can find my bloomin‘ airbrush.
  • a MDF laser cutter. Low on the list, as Trev from the Rift has one I can feed files to.
  • a die cutter – been thinking about one of these as an alternative to the laser cutter for things like tile strips etc, and also because anything that saves ME having to try and make straight cuts, even with a steel rule, is a win ūüėÄ
  • and (given some of the items on the list generate stuff one shouldn’t breathe in) some air extraction 
On a more immediate note, I’m out of PVA (would you believe, my 3L supply from Hobbycraft went MOULDY????) ūüėÄ

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