More Greek horse!

Mea culpa– it has been over three weeks since my last blog post here.
After a lengthy busman’s holiday on my new English Civil War blog I have returned from an actual holiday (Whitby) to ancients. Here are some Greek cavalry, painted by Nick Speller, that I am readying for a big Leuctra game at t’other Partizan on 20th August. My plan is to mix the new minis in the foreground with the older minis at the back and form two units of eight to engage their Spartan equivalents.
I also need to finish and base the „mega phalanx“ of 72 Thebans, drawn up six deep, for the same game, of which more anon.
In other news….
  • I finished and posted eight new army lists for „To the Strongest!“whilst on my hols- you can find them via the Index, here
  • I am selling some super new „Western Desert“ battle mats wot Deep-Cut designed for me; best ones yet! If you want a different grid or size, or find them sold out, please drop me a line, I can order them in.
  • If you’d like to be an Epaminondas or Cleombrotus at Partizan, please drop me a line! 

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