More Midianite Camel Riders

More Midianite Camel Riders


Here are some more Midianite Camel riders in 28mm rather than 15mm this time. They are very detailed resin figures by Blitzkrieg Miniatures. It took a while to get these, about a month before they were posted down under. I think they were a bit swamped by orders at the time. I had a few breakages in the mail, the finer resin parts are fairly brittle. These were a bow, a bow case, the ear of one camel and a few toes on some of camel the riders but I was able to fix these with super glue and/or green stuff. There was a bit of cleaning up to do with the figures,  especially around the hair and beard of the riders. The riders and camels are all one piece and I glued their feet directly on to mdf bases with super glue. I already have some other 28mm camel riders by Castaway and Warlord but these are much nicer figures.

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