More Parthians

More Parthians


Magister Militum, Essex, Victrix, Warlord,
A&A, Victrix and Old Glory horse archers

Victix horse archers with GB cataphracts in the centre

Here are a few comparison shots with the Victrix horse archers, various other metal Parthian horse archers, the Gripping Beast plastic Parthian cataphracts and various other metal Parthian cataphracts. I actually like a mix of ranges and size of figures in my armies, there’s obviously much greater variation in human and horse sizes than the difference between 28mm and 25mm!

GB Cataphracts on the right, Magister Militum, Newline,
Old Glory and Essex cataphracts in the centre and on the left

GB Cataphracts on the right, Magister Militum, Newline, 
Old Glory and Essex cataphracts on the left

Magister Militum, A&A, Old Glory,
Warlord and Essex horse archers

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