More passengers

More passengers

 Along with the Horch cars, I also wanted to add some passengers for some of my Zvezda Opel Blitz trucks to mark when they are in use as troop transports.

My collection of Zvezda Opels in panzer grey.
Now, when I assembled these, I very stupidly glued the tilts down, even though they are designed to be removable. The first job was therefore to unglue them again, which involved a craft knife, razor saw and a lot of cursing.

I got them off in one piece eventually. I added bits of cut up matchstick to the insides of the tilts so I could just push them back into place if needed. I also painted the interior of the trucks grey, and touched up the damaged paint on the truck bodies.
Having got the tilts off I can now actually put cargo in them, like my resin ammo boxes, fuel drums, or figures.  

My original plan was to make rows of seated figures on removeable bases which would live under the tilts when stored. It turned out I’d run out of seated figures, so as a stopgap, I made up some bases of standing figures instead. In theory you can get 30 blokes in the back of a 3 tonner, but it is standing room only.

These are some spare PSC early war German infantry I had left in the spares box. I could have done three figures per lorry, but two was enough for now. These are just done in standard early war grey uniforms with jackboots. I did the base grey to blend in with the truck bed.
That turned out to be easy enough to do. When I get some more seated figures I’ll make up some new bases and just repurpose these as a couple of extra rifle stands for my early war German infantry.
I’ve also got some metal trucks with glued on tilts who ideally need the same treatment. I suspect getting the tilts off those will be a lot harder, so a job for another day.

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