More reinforcements and a rout.

More reinforcements and a rout.

Last week I had cause to visit fellow blogger Trebian.  As usual, he entertained me with a game using his own rules.  The report of battle of Prestonpans can be found on his blog. Modesty prevents me disclosing the outcome.  Actually no it doesn’t. I put more than half of the Government army to flight.  My subtle plan of ‘f*&k it, let’s charge the b@$tards’ seemed to work rather well. 

Also, as the game took place in Northamptonshire I got a lot further south than Charles Edward!  

Here are a couple of my photos. 

The toys used were all Trebian’s 1/72 plastics – the Government infantry were all veterans of the Airfix ‘Washington’s Army’ set while the Jacobites were all more recent (Strelets?) figures. And very nice too. 
As well as raising the clans I also raised some more manpower for my 54mm WW2 project as Trebian kindly presented me with a box of his old Airfix 1/32 toys. Refurbishing flaky paint and basing is currently underway. 

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