More Samurai for the Ii clan

We are playing a lot of In Her Majesty´s Name games lately and I tried the Samurai list for the first time a few weeks ago. Since that I´m expanding my collection of Ii clan Samurai to use them either there or for Ronin.

Most of my Samurai are Zenit Miniature ones since they do marvelous sculpts. I sorted out some of my older Perry and Kingsfoird miniatures and added two new Samurai with katana and a higher rank Samurai.

The high rank Samurai is a Taisho of Zenits undead fraction from their Kensei range. I converted him to a living model to fit my other troops. To do that I had to model a face, a mempo and fill some holes in the clothes and armour. Like on my other Samurai with Jinbaori I painted on a little freehand to make him stand out a bit.

The two other ones are straight out the box samurai from the Katana Samurai blister. I tried out a blending technique using only washes on the red armour for the first time and they turned out quiet well. The skintones are mixed without using any regular skin tone colours. Here I used mostly white, yellow, red, blue, violet and black.

Now I probably will redo my Samurai archers since they look a bit odd compared to the new ones…dammit.

Stay tuned, cheers!

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