More Soviet Heavy Metal - Including An Atlantis/Aurora JS-III

More Soviet Heavy Metal – Including An Atlantis/Aurora JS-III

 A few more 1/48th scale WW2 Soviet armored vehicles. The SU-100 and two T-34/85s are metal 1/48th models my buddy gave me a few weeks ago; the JS-III is an inexpensive plastic kit picked up off of ebay. It’s an old Aurora re-release by Atlantis – only $17 so couldn’t pass it up. Very few parts and went together very nicely.

They were all airbrushed with a mixture of various greens on hand, then highlighted with Vallejo Yellow Green dry-brushed on. The decals came from the JS-III kit – exccept for the slogan on the SU-100 which came from the previous Bandai T-34/76 kit.

I have to ask my buddy who made these metal tanks – they are in 1/48th scale which is unusual nowadays.

The JS-III came with the commander; the rest of the crewmen are leftovers from the Bandai kits.

One of the T-34/85s was missing a lower rear panel so I used some plastic card for a replacement. The rear sproket wells were fashioned from Green Stuff.

Except for the JS-III kit, all of the rest of the tanks were kindly given to me by my buddy. I suppose I need to get some infantry now. Until next time, thanks for stopping by and best wishes to you all.

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