Mostly Galloping Major And A Few AW Miniatures Woodland Indians

Mostly Galloping Major And A Few AW Miniatures Woodland Indians

Most of these are Galloping Major – only six are AW, which came with a French Infantry pack. Also, the majority are Hurons, and only six – the ones with only a single feather in their headdress are supposed to be Mohawks.

I used examples from Google for the face paint – so they must be historically accurate ūüėÄ. Vallejo Bronze Fleshtone was used as a base for the skin – then given a Minwax stain, followed by a light wash of Vallejo Skin Wash, and finally highlighted, again with Bronze Fleshtone with a little bit of Vallejo Elf Skintone.

These figures were quite fun to paint – although I usually prefer uniformed troops as those don’t take much „imagination“ to paint up. The details and sculpting of these figures are really good – and not overly complicated.

These figures may or may not be used for the Siege of Louisbourg scenario – as the few that were allied with the French left soon after arriving once the French they were with started coming down with Anthrax. Not sure if the British had any with them for this particular battle either. They’re nice to have for French and Indian War anyway – I mean they are in the title.

Of course, I could dust off an old copy (first edition) of Muskets and Tomahawks too. Anwyay, glad to have these done as they are the last major „unit“ of figures for this project. Thanks again for checking out the blog and hoping you all are doing well.

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