Multiple Armour Battlegroups are available today!

Multiple Armour Battlegroups are available today!

The war for Earth and humanity’s survival is driving the factions to advance their weapon arsenals.

A weapons race has led to new vehicular possibilities for each faction in Dropzone Commander. Of course, this means that commanders will need to expand their knowledge of enemy units and get to grips with new tactics. This Friday we’re happy to see the new Light Armour Battlegroups release for pre-order but besides this, we also have expanded the Sci-Fi Utopia line of products.


Humanities’ conquest of earth and the war against the Scourge is leading to exciting new developments in weaponry.  A stripped-down Wolf variant, the Jackals are much easier and cheaper to mass produce. Fitted with a Requiter Organ Gun designed the deal with smaller enemy vehicles, the Jackal can also handle hostile infantry. Whilst some buildings and cover are expendable, some strategic locations are crucial. Therefore the Dingo is a novel unit which can fire quick-acting Reinforcement Cement that when applied can give a crumbling structure a new lease of life. This Light Armour Battlegroup contains 3 Katana Light Tanks, a pair of Jackal/Dingo LAVs, Twin Longbow Howitzers, 2 Titania Ravens and a single Titania Condor.

You can pre-order this Light Armour Battlegroup today for £35.

Scourge Walker Armour Battlegroup

Bio-warfare is just one of the ways that the scourge lay waste to there enemies. The Ravenor laser walkers are no exception, through the use of pheromones’, the scourge will descend swarms of insects on the enemy, making around the area an impossible task. Some times these weapons of war bring a Energy clusters that can melt through any close range targets. Making up the core of this Battlegroup is 2 Ravenor Laser Walkers supported by a large Arthropod, 3 Ravage AA Beetles and a Harbinger Dropship.

You can pre-order this Armour Battlegroup today for £35.

PHR Custodian Armour Battlegroup

The Luna Gunship is an up-gunned variant of the Proeteus and features a Huntsman Cluster in addition to a pair of Sunglaives. Therefore the Luna is capable of laying down a devastating amount of firepower. The Huntsman Cluster alone is made up of several of the main turret weapons of the Juno APC, while only forward facing, they are surprisingly accurate, even when moving at full speed. The Starglaive Pair is a miniature version of the Sunglaives found on the Tethys. Like their larger counterparts, these glaives can be overcharged to break through even the toughest armour. A crucial part of any army, this Armour Battlegroup is a must-have for PHR players. Inside you’ll find 2 Zeus Guardian Walkers, 2 Menchit Wlakers, a single fast-moving Luna Gunship and finally 2 Neptune Dropships.

You can pre-order the Custodian Armour Battlegroup today for £35.

Resistance Atmospheric Armour Battlegroup

For speed over rough terrain, The Resistance has developed the Attila Trackwalker into a rapid response unit. Their ability to traverse uneven terrain is unequal and they are capable of close-quarter fighting thanks to a Welding Clamps which tear enemies apart. Easily able to crack enemy hulls apart, the clamps can be substituted for Anti-Material Guns. Besides the 3 Attila Trackwalkers, this Battlegroup is supported by a single Attack Hovercraft, 2 Cyclone Attack Helicopters, a Tempest Interceptor and finally a Hydra Hovercraft.

You can pre-order this Armour Battlegroup today for £35.

Shaltari Strider Armour Battlegroup

The new Widow is a rather peculiar walker that is lightly armed and armoured but capable of scaling buildings like a Tarantula. Its minor panels provide it with a modicum of protection, making it appear where it isn’t and obfuscating where it is. Equipped with Braydon Carbines designed to deal with infantry or light vehicles. Armour Battlegroups are critical for Shaltari Commander and contains multiple support units. This set contains 2 Widow Battlewalkers, a Jaguar and a Leopard Warstrider, A Dreamsnare Shieldstrider to protectitst allies and finally, 2 Zion Gates.

You can pre-order this battlegroup today for £35.

Besides these latest additions to Dropzone Commander, we also have multiple new MDF kits available today.

Sandstorm Ruins

Ruined beyond belief, the Sandstorm Ruins have been left in decay from the damned raiders who recently invaded the area. A large kit, the Sandstorm Ruins set contains multiple destroyed Sandstorm Hovel buildings. Versatile with a large selections of small and large buildings, the buildings can be spread across a tabletop for Skirmish or narrative based gameplay.

This kit is made from 3mm MDF and designed for 28-32mm wargames. The Sandstorm Ruins can be purchased today for £28.

Storage Platform

What could possibly be contained in that Space craft cargo hold? we’re guessing weapons or some kind of contraband. The Storage Platform is a small additional scenery kit that is perfect for set dressing or urbanising your tabletop. Containing some small crates to provide cover for infantry, you’d best use them if you don’t want to be shot!

This set is made from 3mm MDF and intended for 28-32mm wargames, this kit is available to purchase today for £8.

Starship Hallway

”Did you hear that small metallic humming noise? Yeah yes uh me neither.” The Starship Hallway is a clever duel purpose kit intended for skirmish games or Sci-Fi RPG gaming. The modularity of this kit allows it to be assembled differently each time you play. This is can be used in conjunction with the Starship room and both kits are intended for 28-32mm miniature games.

You can purchase the Starship Hallway today for £16.

Starship Room

”Right I definitely heard some humming and clicking noises that time!” The Starship Room is a dual purpose kit and intended to work with the Starship Hallway. Intended for Sci-Fi RPG games in addition to Skirmish combat, this set has 25mm tiled floor for easy to manage miniature movement. Made from 3mm MDF and designed for 28-32mm wargames, this set can be assembled in multiple different ways.

You can purchase this kit today for £20.

That’s it for today! If your a running an event or a store that stocks TTCombat products, make sure you reach out and we’ll feature you on our Social Media Channels. 

Finally, If you have a project you want to start or add to your tabletop setup. Then make sure you head over to the TTCombat webstore for a wide range of miniatures and scenery. If you have anything of ours that you’d like to see featured as a Monday Motivation post. Please send us some photos to

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