Muscovite Reinforcements – The Hidden Progress 1

Back in November it seems like it stopped taking photos…

A lot of progress has been made on my Muskovites that I haven´t bothered posting – it is now high time to get back on track with these photos.

The first major step forward was the discovery of Fighting 15s  Medieval Tannenberg Range. As I spotted the Lithuanian Boyars, I knew I could use them as Russians with almost no conversion effort. Here they are, dressed up as my Skirmish Sotnia: 

In November, I went to Crisis and had my first eye to eye contact with the original Fire and Sword miniatures.  I always hated them from the pictures I had seen online, but on personal inspection, they didn´t look that bad after all.  needs to amp up their product presentation on these, the pictures online are horrible compared to the real deal.  While they are not amazing – certainly not as good as Totentanz miniatures – they are good enough and certainly better than expected.

I mixed them up with the Fighting 15s Boyars and created a few more bases of regular Boyars.
I also ended up mounting most of the Wargamer miniatures on  AB horses, which are way better than the original pieces. 

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