My Human Blood Bowl Team… for sale!

Hey all!
Well, I thought I would FINALLY post some photos of my human Blood Bowl team, as I hadn’t yet… and because I am now selling it!:)
Now, I knew I wanted to do a Blood Bowl team, and that I wanted to do some sort of display carrying-board for them, so this is what I came up with.  The Tallagrad Titans, complete with benches and the like!
I went really dirty and a mess with these guys… chipped armor all over, mud… just a mess.  I like them to look worn:)
Here are my two throwers.  I did a few conversions through the team, and the QB with the hood is one of those.

Here are the two blitzers.  Again, I did a head swap for my blitzer „Sarge“ and gave him a BUNCH of tattoos, because… well, because tattoos are cool!

My catchers.  Again, a simple headswap makes for one DASHING-looking receiver!

The Bash Brothers… two big-ass linemen with big-ass shields!

Some more of the line.  Again, I went with grubby and bloody and chipped and dirty.

My ogre.  I mean, the team needs some beef, right?:)  This is one of the old school guys, repainted.  Honestly I LOVE how he turned out.

And here are the extras!
Anyway… this team IS for sale right now, on eBay, so if you want… go give it a look!

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