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My "Last" Airfix Churchills
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My „Last“ Airfix Churchills

There are Airfix „Vintage“ kits and then there is the Airfix Churchill, more challenge than nostalgic joy, but satisfying nevertheless (see below, one look at the picture and old-timers will know where I am coming from – „bogie wheels are us“): 

Apparently there is a clever – „keep it on the sprue until the last moment“ – technique I have never been privy to (see below, one done bar the turret, the other WIP, plenty of glue being used to keep everything in place): 

Both ready for their tops, but one will have a twist (see below, when you get as far as this point there is a certain „downhill from here on in“ satisfaction as you sip your tea, with the ‚hard bit‘ well behind you):

A standard Normandy 75mm Mk VII turret and a „bridge layer“ – yes it is that „add on bit“ to the vintage kit model. Airfix seemed to go through a phase of taking an old standard kit then adding a specialist sprue on –  Churchill Crocodile, Churchill Bridge Layer, Sherman Flail, Sherman Calliope and Matilda Hedgehog .. all good stuff (see below, my final Churchills are now made, small question of painting and decals):   

The Airfix Bridge Layer Churchill complements the Matchbox Revell AVRE Bridge Layer. I like the fact that this is a non-fighting specialist AFV. One for the bucket list done!

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