My Pickett's Charge Project Video

My Pickett’s Charge Project Video

This is not a picture of my game table. It was made by a fellow in the UK named Chris.
It is a spectacular diorama of the battle of Antietam.


I created a short video that provides and introduction to my Gettysburg Pickett’s Charge project and posted it on You Tube. The video is approximately 4 minutes. Please feel free to leave a comment on the You Tube page and/or click the Like button and subscribe to my You Tube page. I will be loading more content over the course of the next twelve months and hopefully improve the quality of my videos, with more practice.

Confederate battery of 3-inch ordnance rifled cannon.
William Britains figures

Here is the link to the video on You Tube:

Pickett’s Charge Project Video

As I increase the number of painted Union and Confederate soldiers that I have I will create some movie trailers for Pickett’s Charge at Historicon 2024 in the same manner as the ones that I made for my Khartoum game this past year’s Historicon 2023.

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