Napoleonic Collection in Review

Decided to dust the cabinet shelves and formed up the remaining Napoleonic figures in my collection for review. Earlier in the year, I sold off over half of my Napoleonic figures to local gamers. I ended up keeping most of the Victrix and Perry figures – mainly plastics. There are still enough figures for smallish games – possibly something along the lines of The Men Who Would Be Kings (although I’ve yet to get a copy of the rules). Here they are for a photo op, along with 120mm resin figures which were painted years ago (before getting into wargaming). The figures have been posted on this blog before, so pardon my indulgence.

As you can see,  only French and British troops remain, with a few Front Rank Spanish Freedom Fighters.
British: 5/60th and 95th Rifles (with a few Victrix Cacadores); 42nd and 79th Highlanders; 28th and 3rd Foot; RHA; and 1st KGL Hussars.
Front Rank Spaniards flanking the 95th and 5/60th Rifles; all in front of line battalions.
Command stands are mostly Victrix; the largest stand holds a Front Rank and an old North Star/Copplestone Hussar general. The limbers are Old Glory.
French Ligne and Legere battalions. The command stands are mostly Victrix with a few Front Rank; also a set of Foundry Napoleon and Staff. In the rear of them is a Marshal Ney figure from Gorgon.
Dragoons, 9th Hussars, Cuirassiers and Carabiniers; the cannon and crews are Sash & Saber; limber teams are Old Glory.
Mostly Verlinden 120mm resin figures. Left to right: Line Grenadier; Guard Foot Chasseur Sapper; Lieb Hussar; Guard Chasseur a Cheval; Trumpeter, Guard Artillery Train; Foot Dragoon; 1st Polish Lancers; 4th Swiss; Legere; Guard Grenadier.  An old 54mm Stadden lead figure painted up as a Baden Hussar in front of the Lancer. Apparently, I didn’t have an appreciation for British troops at the time. Might’ve been due to their lack of variety in uniforms.

Anyway, it’s a good time to dust the shelves – my significant other is out with her friends doing some Black Friday shopping. Cheers!

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