Napoleonic Re-basing Complete & Arrival of Reinforcements

Finished the re-basing of French and British cavalry, as well as a few French Voltigeurs. I also got a box each of Victrix Middle Guard and Perry British Line Infantry. Just to affirm how small a world our hobby is, I unwittingly won the two boxes off of ebay from an old acquaintance, Phil Vernon, whom I had met in England back in 2013. This was when I was fortunate enough to tag along with my buddy Pat L. (aka Socal Warhammer) to attend the WAB GT. Me, Pat and Phil drove around after the tournament and visited Nottingham Castle (which was closed) and also the Wargames Foundry. Phil moves around between England and the US, and the address where I won the boxes were from his Stateside address.

I’m revisiting Black Powder, which I hadn’t touched since early 2012. Re-reading the rules, they really seem like a decent convention set of rules, and am looking forward to hosting some games again. Which is why I ended up replenishing my troops, having sold off over half of my Napoleonics. Since I don’t intend to play on anything larger than an 8’X6′ table, I decided to scale down standard sized units to 16 foot troops – 4 stands of 4 figures, and 6 cavalry. The French infantry can include a stand of 3 skirmishing Voltigeurs out in front of the main formation in a Mixed formation. I plan to build 3 units of 16 figures each from the Middle Guard box. Interestingly, the box comes with Old Guard Grenadier and Chasseur bearskin heads as well as covered shakos for Middle or Young Guard. I noticed the gray plastic for this Victrix set seems sturdier than the earlier yellow plastic sets; particularly the bayonets. So much talk for now – there’s a lot of gluing to be had. Thanks for stopping by and best regards to all.

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