NB2 Dragon by Nick Bibby 1982 released in metal limited 200 box run

NB2 Dragon by Nick Bibby 1982 released in metal limited 200 box run

“At last a Dragon of true scale to oppose the hero’s of your world.“ (Military Modelling Dec 1982) 
The time has come!  General Release!
There are two hundred boxes each containing a remastered metal dragon sculpted by Nick Bibby for Asgard in 1982. At half a kilo in weight this nine piece metal model is legendary and rightly so. It has taken us several months to get NB2 Dragon back into the world and for collectors this metal set which not only ships worldwide for free (standard shipping) but also includes the remastered NB3 and NB4 Dragon Rider with Lance and Saddle (worth 7.00GBP) for free in the numbered box too. Price is 125.00GBP. 
A centre piece of the classic 1980’s Asgard fantasy range back once more in the world. A legendary massive metal model which has not been seen in many a year. About 40% of the run is sold already on last week’s select pre-order and those orders are shipping as of Monday of next week as are all others containing this majestic monster of a different age. 
NB2 Dragon has been fully restored and also its pinning points deepened, its wing membranes thickened and its scales sharpened. It is for experienced modellers. 

As you can see if you pit a Jez Goodwin 28mm Barbarian or a Tabletop Games 15mm Fantasy character against this monster they are tiny! Even compared to the D6 Dragon Lizard Juggernaut the Dragon dwarfs it. We will NOT issue this code in metal again. We will produce it in resin later this year though in unlimited amounts. This run of two hundred is to please those who missed it first time around forty years ago or always wanted one in its original form of high quality metal. 

Now also on the website for separate purchase is NB3 The Dragon Rider and NB4 Dragon Saddle in one code where you can get both with the lance or parts on their own. While the saddle is made to fit only NB2 Dragon the rider will fit almost any mere mount such as a horse. 
Another monster we have restored is the classic P11 Old English Dragon from the late 1980’s which is in our Monsters and Creatures range which contains many strange beasts. A fine foe for Knights and Adventurers for sure. 
Thank for your time and support as always and this is our only high fantasy release in March 2023.

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