NB2 Dragon painted in stunning blue by Studio Maxi Costales

NB2 Dragon painted in stunning blue by Studio Maxi Costales

There is a talented fellow in Spain who paints miniatures professionally and loves Oldhammer and classic miniatures.  He is Maxi and he runs Studio Maxi Costales which you can find on Facebook and on Instagram.  Well worth a scroll; lots of excellent work there. He kindly agreed to show the painting of his casting of the limited run of 200 numbered boxes only NB2 Dragon by Nick Bibby.  This article is the result.  As at 16th March 2023 the run is 52% sold and shipped.

While we shall release NB2 Dragon in an unlimited resin format late on in 2023 this article is on the collectors edition metal kit which requires skill and effort to assemble.  Each of the limited boxes comes with the NB3 and NB4 Dragon Rider, his Saddle and Lance which Maxi has also painted up.

If you missed the long article on the history of this venerable monster and Mark Stevenson’s collection of seven of them and his 40 year involvement with Asgard you can read it on our BLOG now.

The build of the monster is underway!  Each part mounted on brass rod for easy holding for painting and putting together.

Now it has been built it is on the painting desk.  That is a desk which has seen so much 1980’s awesome come across it! The blue tone is begun.

Here it is!  The Dragon from all angles resplendent in striking blue and orange tones so different to our own vision of the Dragon or indeed those by Mark Stevenson.

The Rider and Saddle have been restored to the world (NB3 and NB4) and will remain metal.  They are free in each of the numbered boxes of NB2.  What a great take on the Dragon Rider by Maxi.

If you are keen we have collected all of Nick Bibby’s work for Asgard into one page alongside the Asgard Fantasy Range pages.  Check out the D6 Dragon Lizard Juggernaut which is actually the largest single piece of metal by dimension and weight we cast.

We hope you have enjoyed this article.


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