New 15mm Terrain brick and stone plus tents campfire and more!

New 15mm Terrain brick and stone plus tents campfire and more!

Our range of terrain suitable for Horse and Musket, Napoleonics, late medieval, fantasy and renaissance era tabletop gaming expands again with brand new and remastered pieces as well as a value pack with saving.  See it all on our 16th Century 15mm Range and in our 17th Century 15mm RangeBrickdust 15mm Napoleonic Range plus the HOB 15mm Fantasy Buildings Range.  

Lots to choose from and most useful. During September 2023 MRS8 Broken Arch is free automatically in every order shipped out; our gift to you.  Just place your order(s) and we will put it in when it ships from here in Scotland.  Here are the details.

The new releases are ruined and broken piles of brick or stone depending on how you paint them and are ideal to populate a gaming table.  As singles plus a value set of all the single codes.

MRS8 Broken Arch (Two pieces) 

MRS9 Ruined Chimney

MRS10 Ruined Corner 

MRS11 Broken Pile

MRSP01 Ruined and Broken Set (MRS8, MRS9, MRS10, MRS11) with saving

As well as the brand new codes we have remastered the existing 15mm terrain we have (not the 15mm Buildings which have already been put in new molds) but rather the more ‘on campaign’ items as follows.

MRS1 Stone Well 

MRS2 Campfire 

MRS3 Logpile

MRS4 Folded Blankets and Cloth Piles (Two pieces)

MRS5 Wedge Tent 

MRS6 Herald Tent 

MRS7 Pavilion Tent 

Until 1at October 2023 we are giving away the MRS8 Broken Arch a symbol of the shattering of England at the start of the English Civil War.  It is in all orders shipped automatically and a useful piece.  No limit on the number of orders placed and if you purchase it you will still get it free too.

With the release of this new terrain we complete the first part of the promise of Furioso Month here at Alternative Armies. Next week we will be releasing a very large number of brand new 15mm scale English Civil War miniatures onto the website. Infantry (one of them MR145 previewed above), Infantry Command, Cavalry, Cavalry Command, Artillery Crew, Senior Command; some forty poses.  All sculpted by Sam Croes and for the upcoming rules set by Steve Danes later in September for pre-order. 

Thanks for Reading,

GBS (Gavin Syme – Creative Manager)

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