New ACW Ironclads

CSS Albemarle

USS Sassacus
One of the naval things I’m planning to have a go at next year is an American Civil War Ironclads project in 1/600th scale, using a combination of the Peter Pig range with a few of the more expensive but much more detailed Thoroughbred Miniatures ships alongside them. I was very pleased to add two more of these to my small collection of kits, when I won an inexpensive bid on eBay for unmade models of CSS Albemarle and USS Sassacus. I already have the former as a Peter Pig resin model and the latter as another Thoroughbred kit, but the resin CSS Albemarle can be replaced by the metal model and the USS Sassacus had several sister ships, so can be used for the USS Miami, for example. These really are beautiful kits and will build up into equally impressive model ships, as long as I don’t muck them up!

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