New Chuhuac Flyers 15mm from Loud Ninja Games

New Chuhuac Flyers 15mm from Loud Ninja Games

The famous Space Raptors get some new flying releases with a Gunship and a Transport added to their array of codes.  In 15mm scale Loud Ninja Games now has over fifty different packs to choose from.  The Chuhuac as well as the Ikwen, the Yandrassi and various mutants, aliens and others too.  From the mind of Eli Arndt to your gaming table. 

If you are intent on conquering a planet you will need air support and the cold blooded space raptors know this all too well.  Fly in the troops and strafe the foe!

Winter Mega Event 2023 is on until 6th December.  20% off all orders auto at checkout plus free new miniature as well as 80 new codes and a hundred deals and offers.  See our BLOG for the entire event and all details.  Not to be missed!

RAP052A and RAP052AP the Charka Rav Flyer which is a Troop or Cargo Transport with underslung compartment.  One kit or three with a saving.  It is about 170mm wingspan and 95mm long.  Resin and metal with load out options.

RAP052B and RAP52BP the Charka Kas Flyer which is a Gunship armed to aid ground troops.  One kit or three with a saving. It is the same vehicle as the Charka Rav but lacks the underslung compartment but has additional weapons including spares for your bits box meaning load out options galore.

RAP051 Raxa Light Attack Ship goes well with the new releases and can be assembled in flight or with wings up and landing legs attached for ground placement.

RAP004 Chuhuac Herd Master.  The most senior officer of the space raptors.  There are six packs of Chuhuac to choose from as well as saver bundles, platoons and battlesuits and bikes.

Here you can see a line up of 15mm scale miniatures to show you the size of a typical Chuhuac.  They are from left to right HOF53 Octopod, SHM99 Red Planet Princess, RAP004 Herd Master and lastly from the classic Laserburn range 305 Senior Imperial Officer.

Ikwen are primitive and fierce fighters who aim to rid their homeworld of alien invaders.  Originally a few packs and expanded to include characters as well as platoon set plus riding beasts and more.  A really unique force for your table.

These are the last Loud Ninja Games releases of the year.  We hope you like them.

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