New Indochina Osprey

I pre-ordered the latest book in the Combat series from Osprey Publishing a while back and have been reading it over the last week or so in bits, when I can grab the time. It’s focussed on the French Indochina War and, no surprises, the French Foreign Legion and Viet Minh. It’s a shame they couldn’t cover some of the Colonial or North African units but I guess that’s what sells these sort of books to the customer base. 
On the plus side, it isn’t about Dien Bien Phu for change but instead includes three fairly representative skirmish actions from the start and mid-point of the war, which is a really good idea. The colour plates and photos are good, while the text is stuffed full of details on uniform, weapons and equipment, as well as unit organisation and training. It’s definitely worth a look if you are interested in wargaming the French Indochina War.

It’s been on my ‚one day I’ll actually do it‘ project wish list for years!

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